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The Photos associated with these pages have been sent to me since December 1999. 

These are all near original condition vehicles.


If you would like to display your Late '40s to Early '50s Model Chevrolet,
(preferably in near factory or restored condition, No Hot Rods Please)
send me an e-mail with your .jpg or .gif photos (limit 6 please)
with a brief description of your car with your name and location to:
Please note this is for 1946 through '54 Model Chevys Only!
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1951 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe 4 Door Sedan

     This is my 1951 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe 4 Door Sedan.  My father gave me this car September 1999. It was originally purchased by a Mrs. Bertha A. Dagan (deceased 1977) of York, Maine from the S.W. Johnson & Son Motors of Sanford, Maine. This car may have been a demonstration model shown by the dealership to prospective buyers before Mrs. Dagan's purchase. S.W. Johnson was her brother-in-law.

     My Father bought the car from Mrs. Dagan's estate in 1985 and partially restored it back to near original. It still has the original engine with 70,000 miles and most of the original parts.  I am now the 3rd Registered Owner of this Wonderful Car.

Keith Hardy of Panama City Beach, Florida                                                    

1951 Sedan Delivery

     This is my '51 Chevy Sedan Delivery at a drive-in in Blackfoot, Idaho, in 1999, just before I moved to Missoula, MT. This photo shows the unique single door on the sedan delivery plus the original single tail light. By the way, don't mistake this for a van. This is not the same as a panel van, which is bigger and has two side-by-side rear doors. A sedan delivery is essentially a station wagon with less windows, and the unique door of course. That is a 1961 Thunderbird next to it and I own both.

Brian Lee of Missoula, Montana                                                                                                       

Canadian 1951 Chevrolet 2 Door


Photos by Halit Soykut                                                                     Submitted: January 2000

 1951 Chevrolet Deluxe, 2Dr. Lovely driver. 216 six cylinder. 3 on the tree Black Beauty. I am in the process of Restoring it and thinking of swapping to 12 volt. If any one has a suggestion, I will be more than Happy to hear from you.  (
I have owned this car since July 30th 1998. The engine was Rebuilt 5 years ago. The car was driven from Ontario, Canada in Oakatokes by Calgary where I purchased it. Still runs Amazingly! I am going to be restoring this car.
Halit Soykut, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Restored 1951 Chevrolet 2 Door


     This car sat in a barn for 28 years, until the barn began to fall. I purchased it from Ruby Duncan (diseased October 1998) for $250.00 in March of 1998. The inspection sticker on the windshield expired in 1968 so I figure that is when this car was parked.  I had to put a new gas tank, battery, tune up and lubrication and it fired up. Then I had to get new tires since they were all dry-rotted. We have put over 7,000 miles on it since we purchased it. 
     All the lights are the correct Guide lights for the car. Headlights are T-3. Spotlights are S-18 Guide sealed beam. Fog lights have the correct copper Guide label attached.  I removed all the stainless and polished it while the body was being painted. Plus I have spent $5,000.00 in chrome.

 This is before all the surface rust was blasted off and repainted. 

Rick Shoestock of Newton, North Carolina                                           Submitted: 21 February 2000


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