1955 - 1959 GMC Trucks Maintenance Manual - Models 100 - 500

(Original Scans Contributed by Lane Fotty)

  Symbol Explanation Page  
  "E" Engine Oil 502  
  "C" Chassis Lubricant 509  
  "G" Gear Oil 509  
  "MP" Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant 508  
  "SG" Steering Gear Lubricant 509  
  "ES" Lubricating Oil 508  
  "S-2" High Temperature Grease 510  
  "S-3" Petroleum Jelly 510  
  "S-4" Waterproof Grease 510  
  "S-5" Graphite Grease 511  
  "S-6" Shock Absorber Fluid 511  
  "S-12" Hydraulic Brake Fluid 511  
  "S-16" Soft, Smooth Grease 511  
  "S-17" Special Grease 511  
  "S-19" Hydra-Matic Fluid 512  

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