1955 Chevrolet Air Conditioning Shop Manual





  Conditioning System for Replacement of Component Parts 28  
  Installing Gauge Set to Check System Operation 28  
  Leak Testing the System 29  
  Purging the System 29  
  Evacuating the System 29  
  Adding Refrigerant 30  
     Complete Charge 30  
     Partial Charge 31  
  Checking and Adding Oil 31  
     Adding Oil - Slight Loss of Oil 32  
     Adding Oil - Major Loss of Oil 33  
  Air or Excessive Refrigerant in the System 34  
  Expansion Valve 34  
     Checking Valve Operation 34  
     Adjusting Valve Operation 34  
     Replacement of Valve Assembly 35  
  Sight Glass Replacement 35  
  Receiver-Dehydrator Replacement 35  
  Condenser Replacement 36  
  Refrigerant Line Replacement 36  
  Conditioning Unit 36  
     Removal 36  
     Installation 37  
  Evaporator and Heater Coil Replacement 37  
  Malfunctioning Compressor 37  
     Removal 39  
     Installation 39  
  Compressor Seal Replacement 40  
  Clutch Actuating Coil Replacement 41  
  Clutch Pulley Assembly 42  
     Adjustment 42  
     Removal 43  
     Disassembly 43  
     Inspection 44  
     Assembly 44  
     Installation 44  
  Pressure Relief Valve 45  
  Collision Procedure 45  
  Compressor Belt Replacement and/or Tension Adjustment 46  
  Blower Motor Replacement 46  
  Thermostatic Switch Replacement 47  
  Control Adjustments 47  
     Fast Idle Control 47  
     Outside-Inside Air Control 47  
     By-Pass Control 47  
     Refrigeration Control 47  
  Heater and Defroster Components 47  





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