Original Window Stickers & Bill of Sale

for Chevrolet Cars & Trucks



This Page will hopefully have a collection of Window Stickers and Bill of Sales as a Reference to the cost of various years and models of Older Chevrolet Cars and Trucks.  If you have an Original Window Sticker and/or Bill of Sale from an older Chevy Car or Truck that can be displayed here, please send a 200dpi or better scan to chevymanuals@yahoo.com  If you would like any personal info removed from the scan, I can make the modifications. 


                                                                                                                                                  Keith Hardy

 Links will open a new page displaying the Window Sticker or Bill of Sale


Original Window Stickers

  1955 Blank Sticker 1966 Impala Convertible 1973 Camaro Sport Coupe
    1966 Sport Van  
      1979 Camaro Z28
      1979 Corvette

Original Bill of Sale

1940 Coupe 1951 Styleline Special Sport Coupe Dealer's Order     Back Page    


  1977 Chevy
1949 Truck      
      1979 Camaro Z28


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