Chevrolet Passenger Car 

Model Identification Charts

Cowl Body Number Plate Decoding

for U.S. Built 1942 - 1957 Models


1942 - 1957 Body (Cowl) Plate Tag


Location for 1942 - 1957 Models is on Passenger Side Upper Firewall


     All Fisher Body styles are identified by a Body Number Plate as illustrated below. This Plate which is the sole means of correctly identifying the body should never be destroyed or mutilated. If, in the installation of heaters or other accessories, it becomes necessary to remove the Body Number Plate, it should be reinstalled as close as possible to its original position.


     Using the plate above as an example:

STYLE NO. 46-1007: Is a combination body style number.  "46" represents the year 1946.   "10" indicates the GM car division (Chevrolet) for whom the body was made and  "07" the actual style (model) of the body.  Thus Style No. 46-1007 on the typical identification plate above may be interpreted as a 1946 Chevrolet Fleetline Series Aerosedan.


BODY NO. F 3949: Is the sequence or production rotation in which the body was made. The prefix "F" represents the plant in which it was made. (See Assembly Plant Codes Below)


TRIM NO. 132: Is the combination number of the trim used in the body.  As shown on the identification plate the Trim No. "132" indicates a combination of plain and tan striped cloth.


PAINT NO. 336: Is the paint or color combination used on the body.  The Paint No. 336 as shown on the above plate indicates the body is painted Mayland Black.

Paint Codes: Trim Codes:
  1942 1950 1941 - 1952
  1946 1951 1953 - 1954
1939 1947 1952 1955 - 1956
1940 1948 1953 1957 - 1958
1941 1949 1954 1935 - 1948 Paint Colors
Chevrolet Passenger Car Model Id Charts







Assembly Plant Codes:
F Flint, Michigan
T Terrytown, New York
S St. Louis, Missouri
K Kansas City, Missouri
O Oakland, California
A Atlanta, Georgia
N Norwood, Ohio
B Baltimore, Maryland
L Lansing, Michigan
J Janesville, Wisconsin



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