CHEVROLET MASTER PARTS PRICE LIST (Six-Cylinder Models) 1929 - 1941



  Axle Shaft Chart 372  
  Bumper Parts Chart 373  
  Bearings Chart 380  
  Door Check Link Chart 385  
  Door hinge Chart 386  
  Garnish Mouldings Chart 388  
       Windshield 388  
       Front Door Window 388  
       Rear Door Window 390  
       Quarter Window 391  
       Back Window 393  
       Back Door Window 393  
  Garnish Moulding Identification Chart 394  
  Heater Defroster, Outlets and Adapters Chart 384  
  Locking Handle Lock Parts 395  
  Miscellaneous Body Std. Parts Chart 397  
  Muffler Tail Pipe Chart 396  
  Propeller Shaft Chart 406  
  Front Propeller Shaft & Housing Assy. Chart 407  
  Front Propeller Shaft & Housing Chart 407  
  Paint Combination Chart 409  
  Parts Exchange Plan 412  
  New Parts or Accessories Returned for Credit 415  
  Telegraphic Code 417  

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