Section 9 - Steering Gear Assembly

the worm. Inspect the roller bearings for cracked or chipped rollers and the outer races for being cracked or worn. Any of these parts which are damaged should be replaced.
Inspect the sector roller for end-play and also for any damage on the roller. Inspect the sector shaft for wear at the bushing locations. Check the sector shaft in its bushings. If they are worn either the bushings should be replaced or the steering gear housing cover, which is serviced with the bushings reamed to size, should be replaced.
Sector Shaft Bushings
1.   Remove the sector shaft bushings by pressing them out of the housing, using J-762. sector shaft bushing driver.
2.   The new bushing should be assembled in the housing with the open end of the oil groove toward the oil pocket formed by the space between the bushings. The new bushings should be pressed in place, using J-762, sector shaft bushing driver, as shown in Fig. 9.
3. The new bushings should now be reamed with a special piloted reamer No. 1.125, Fig. 10.
This reamer pilots and reams these two bushings in the same operation, assuring ac­curate alignment for the sector shaft.
1.   Dip the lower wormshaft roller bearing in lu­bricant and install it in the steering gear
2.   Install the wormshaft assembly in the housing and then dip the upper roller bearing in lubri­cant and thread it over the wormshaft. Install the adjuster over the wormshaft and screw it into the housing until all wormshaft end-play has been removed.
NOTE—During this operation the wormshaft should be rolled back and forth to make sure the bearing roller races are kept in align­ment.
3.    Install the sector shaft and roller assembly in the housing. Lubricate the sector shaft bush-
Fig. 8—Layout of Passenger Car Steering Gear Parts
1    Sector Shaft Grease Seal
2    Sector Shaft Bushings
3    Sector Shaft Housing
4    Steering Gear Housing Gasket
5    Steering Gear Housing
6    Sector Shaft Adjusting Screw
7    Sector Shaft Adjusting Screw Lock Nut
8    Sector Shaft Housing Eccentric Bolt
9    Sector Shaft Housing Eccentric Sleeve
10    Pitman Arm Nut
11    Lockwasher
12    Sector Shaft and Roller Assembly
13    Wormshaft Roller Bearings
14    Wormshaft
15    Wormshaft Bearing Adjusting Sleeve





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