1955 Chevrolet Passenger Car Shop Manual



  Operation 7-16   Maintenance, Care and Adjustment 7-21  
     Highway Driving 7-16      Governor Switch and Pinion 7-21  
     City Traffic Driving 7-17      Sun Gear Solenoid Oil Seal and Control    
     Use of Clutch Petal 7-17               Cable Bracket 7-21  
  Mechanical 7-17      Output Shaft Oil Seal 7-21  
     Free-Wheeling Direct Drive 7-17      Control Shaft Lever and Oil Seal 7-21  
     Ovedrive 7-18      Speedometer Driven Gear 7-21  
     Driver Controlled Downshift (Kickdown) 7-19   Major Service Operations 7-22  
     Conventional Drive 7-19      Overdrive Housing 7-22  
  Electrical 7-19      Parts at Rear of Adaptor 7-24  
     Solenoid 7-19   Electrical Unit Checks 7-29  
     Governor 7-20      Overdrive Relay 7-29  
     Relay 7-20      Solenoid 7-29  
     Kickdown Switch 7-20      Governor Switch 7-30  
  Wiring 7-20      Kickdown Switch 7-30  
     Control Circuit 7-20   Troubles and Remedies 7-30  
     Solenoid Circuit 7-20      Mechanical 7-30  
     Ground-Out circuit 7-21      Electrical 7-31  



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