The ABCs of Carburetion

UM-900 (1959)


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It is the purpose of this section to explain the importance of the various recommended carburetor adjustments. For specific dimensions and recommended gauges, see the Adjustment Bulletin for the particular carburetor being serviced.
If any one carburetor adjustment is more im­portant than the others, it is the float setting. This setting determines the relationship be­tween fuel level and the height to which fuel must rise to reach the discharge nozzle This adjustment has a great effect on both perform­ance and economy. IT MUST BE CORRECT.
The float drop setting insures sufficient fuel for sustained high speed driving. On carburetors using a float balance spring, this setting has a definite effect on normal fuel level, making its accuracy essential. IT MUST BE CORRECT.
The Choke Rod Setting plays an important part in proper fast idle speed during engine warm-up. When properly adjusted, it helps determine correct relations between choke valve opening and minimum throttle valve opening. If improperly adjusted, it can cause hard cold starting, rough idling, stalling and loading up. IT MUST BE CORRECT,
The unloader adjustment is made to prevent loading up on a wide open throttle accelera­tion during the warm-up period. This is ac­complished by the throttle movement me­chanically forcing the choke valve partially open to admit more air. If improperly adjusted, excessive richness and loading may result. IT MUST BE CORRECT.



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