1955 Service Instructions for the Autotronic-Eye




The Autotronic-Eye 1
Functional Operation 2
Block Diagram 2
Circuit Description 2
Circuit Diagram and Miscellaneous Information 3
Adjustments 4
Adaptor Ring and Aiming Device No.4 4
Vertical Aim of Photo Tube 5
Sensitivity Tests and Adjustments on Car 5
Hold Sensitivity Adjustment 6
Dim Sensitivity Test and Adjustment 6
Sensitivity Adjustments Off Car 7
Installation Wiring 8
Horizontal Aim 9
Operation Tests on Car 10
Initial Trouble Shooting Tests on Car 11
Chart 1 14
Chart 2 16
Chart 3 17
Circuit Diagram and Miscellaneous Data 18
Amplifier Unit Parts Layout 19
Service Parts List 21
Supplement No.1 23
Supplement No.2 25
PDF Version (12307kb)  

Manual Added: 11 February 2007






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