Training Program Booklet TP-21



PART 1    
  Introduction to Aluminum Powerglide Transmissions  
     How New is this New Transmission? 1
     The Engineering Background 5
     The Production Story 6
PART 2 Background Information  
     General 9
     Torque 10
     Planetary Gears 11
     Hydraulic Torque Converters 12
     Hydraulics 15
PART 3    
  Mechanical Components and Powerflow  
     General 19
     Comparison of Powerglide and Manual Transmission 19
     Mechanical Components and Powerflow 20
PART 4    
  Hydraulic Components and Operation  
     General 23
     Pressure Development and Control 26
     Hydraulic unit Operation 30
PART 5    
  Service Component Description and Service Procedures  
     General 43
     Governor and Rear Pump Parts Chart 47
     Valve Body parts Chart 48
Review Questions 51

Manual Added: 4 March 2011


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