1951 Chevrolet Service News




This index is listed by classification of subject and arranged in the same sequence as the Shop Manual.

SECTION 0 - General Lubrication



   Changing Fluid in Hydro-Lectric System December 2
   Front Wheel Bearing Lubrication October 2
   Oil Consumption April 1
SECTION I - Body    
   Changing Fluid in Hydro-Lectric System December 2
   Door Check Link Support May 3
   Door Rain Deflector August 3
   Folding Top Control Switch December 1
   Front Door Trim Pad September 4
   Front Seat Adjustment March 1
   Instrument Panel Clock Replacement October 4
   Keys and Locks November 1
   Lift Gate Support Locking Lever August 2
   Lock Rod Grommet August 4
   New Aspen Green Color Combination Novemeber 3
   New Shadow Gray Color Combination May 3
   Rear Compartment Lid March 3
   Rear Seat Back Attachment March 3
   Rear Seat Back Moulding March 1
   Rear Seat Back Retention May 1
   Side Roof Rail Weatherstrip March 4
   Truck Color Specifications January 4
   Truck Interior Trim Enamel August 4
SECTION II - Frame and Shock Absorbers    
   No Articles Published    
SECTION III - Front Suspension    
   No Articles Published    
SECTION IV-Rear Suspension    
   Adjusting Ring Gear and Pinion July 3
   Axle Housing Oil Deflector January 3
   Differential and Torque Tube April 2
   Differential and Torque Tube Assembly October 4
   New Service Tool September 4
   Shackle Bolt Breakage March 1
   Torque Tube Bushing Remover May 3
   Universal Ball Joint Collar Shim October 4
SECTION V - Brakes    
   Brake Linings - 1-1/2 and 2 Ton April 4
   Major Brake Adjustment - Passenger and 1/2 Ton December 3
   Parking Brake - Forward Control August 3
   Parking Brake Lever Handles April 3
   Part Number Correction July 3
   Rear Brake Drum Attaching Screws April 4
   Rear Brake Shoe Pull Back Springs - 1-1/2 and 2 Ton March 1
SECTION VI - Engine    
   Ball Sleeve Connector February 3
   Cleaning Permanent Antifreeze from Engine February 4
   Connecting Rod Bearings October 2
   Cooling System Service September 1
   Cylinder head Tightening May 2
   Fuel Line Linkage May 2
   Hydraulic Valve Lifter October 4
   Main Bearing Adjustment July 1
   New High Limit Service Pistons August 2
   Oil Consumption April 1
   Positive Crankcase Ventilation Maintenance August 4
   Pressurized Cooling System October 3
   Radiator Core October 4
   Timing Light Erratic April 4
   You Can Make It May 4
SECTION VII - Transmission    
   Counter Bushing Lubrication April 3
   Powerglide Bench Test November 4
   Powerglide Clutch Assembly July 2
   Powerglide Diagnosis June 1
   Powerglide Low Band April 4
   Powerglide Love Servo Piston March 4
   Powerglide Oil coller October 2
   Powerglide Oil Cooler Line Clips December 3
   Powerglide Pressure Points May 2
   Powerglide Primary Pump Hub Assembly May 1
   Powerglide Pump Clearance February 4
   Powerglide Reverse Band March 4
   Torque Specification Change December 3
   Universal Ball Joint collar Shim October 4
SECTION VIII - Fuel and Exhaust    
   No Articles Published    
SECTION IX - Steering Gear    
   No Articles Published    
SECTION X - Wheels and Tires    
   Truck Tire Service January 1
SECTION XI - Chassis Sheet Metal    
   New Type Chrome August 1
   Radiator Grille April 3
SECTION XII - Electrical    
   Discharged Batteries in New Cars and Trucks May 4
   Starter Solenoids November 3
SECTION XIII - General Information    
   Cleaning Parts Safely October 3
   Parts Conservation July 3
   Preparing Vehicles for Storage December 4
   Timing Light Erratic February 1
   Welding Equipment Leakage February 1
   You Can make It May 4

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