Chevrolet Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks




   Driver's Operating  
   Break-in Period 3
   Controls and Instruments 4
   Pre-starting Inspection 14
   Starting the Engine 14
   Gear-shifting 15
   Cold Weather Operation 17
   Hot Weather Operation 19
   Tire Inflation 19
  Description, Care and  
   Preventive Maintenance


   Engine 22
   Cooling System 34
   Clutch 40
   Transmission 41
   Rear Axle 43
   Front Axle 45
   Steering Gear 47
   Brake System 47
   Springs and Shackles 56
   Electrical System 57
   Tires 63
   Engine 70
   Rear Axle and Transmission 77
   Universal Joint 78
   Front Wheel Bearings 80
   Rear Wheel Bearings 81
   Chassis 81
   Hints for Locating  
      Road Troubles  
   Engine 91
   Lights 94
   General 95
   General Information  
   Manufacturer's Warranty 96
   Tire Warranty 97
   Owner's Service Policy 104
   Technical Data  
   Unit Capacity Chart 98
   Lamp Bulb Chart 99
   Specifications 99
   Adjustment Specifications 100
   Load Capacity Chart 102


Manual Added: 26 November 2006



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