1956 Chevrolet Engine Tune-Up - Includes 1957 Supplement

Cover     Ignition Output and Secondary Leakage Test 49
Introduction 1   Charging Voltage Test 49
1957 Supplemental Information 1   Idle Speed and Mixture - Adjust and  Vacuum Check 51
Mechanical Checks and Adjustments 3   Road Test 53
Spark Plugs - Remove 3   Additional Checks and Adjustments 55
Compression Test 3   Battery Test 57
Spark Plugs - Clean, Service and Install 5   Battery - 3 Minute Test 60
Ignition System Service and Repairs 9   Starting Circuit Checks 63
Battery Service and Cables 21   Generating Circuit Checks 65
Generator and Fan Belt Service 23   Voltage Regulator Checks and Adjustments 69
Manifold Heat Valve - Operation Check 23   Ignition Circuit Checks 76
Fuel Lines Check and Fuel Filter Service 23   Fuel Pump Test 79
Carburetor Linkage and External Adjustments Check 25   Cooling System Pressure Test 81
Two-Barrel Carburetor 26   Distributor Points -1956 HD Truck Servicing 81
Four-Barrel Carburetor (Carter WCFB) 28   Distributor Points - 1956 Corvette Servicing 83
Four-Barrel Carburetor (Rochester) 32   1957 Supplemental Information S-1
Cooling System - Inspect and Service 35   1957 Compression Test Data S-2
Lubricant Level Check and Inspect for Oil Leaks 35   1957 Distributor - External Adjustment S-3
Engine - Normalize 37   1957 Valve Lash - Adjust S-5
Cleaning and Checking Operations During Warm-up 37   1957 Cranking Voltage Test S-6
Instrument Check-Out 39   1957 Ignition Switches Test S-6
Calibrate Meters 39   1957 Distributor Resistance S-6
Cranking Voltage Test 39   Ignition Timing and Advance Test S-7
Ignition Switch Test 41   1955-57 V-8 Engine Spark Plug Setting S-7
Distributor Resistance Test 41   Idle Speed and Mixture - Adjust and Vacuum Check  
Dwell Test and Variation 41        for V-8 Engines Equipped with Fuel Injection S-8
Ignition Timing and Advance Test 45   1957 Starting Circuit Checks S-8
Secondary Resistance and Polarity Test 47      

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