1931 Fisher Body Service Manual



   I could not find a publication date anywhere in this manual.  With some help from the good folks of the forums on VCCA CHEVY CHATTER and CHEVY TALK it was determined this manual covers the construction of the 1929, 1930 and 1931 models assembled by Fisher Body.  If you discover this manual covers other year models, please send me an email with details.

Keith Hardy



Cover 0   Upholstery (Minor Assemblies) 78
Foreword 2   Upholstery (Plain Stretched Trim) 85
Proper Names of Wood and Metal Parts 3   Upholstery Trim Boarded 89
Body Construction and Service ( Sills - Sedan) 6   Upholstery (Coupe Bodies - Trim Bindings) 96
Front Assembly - Pillars, Braces and Brackets 9   Roof Coverings (Standard Type) 99
Rear Quarter and Back of Wood Framework 15   Cleaning Body Materials 102
Wood Framework of Doors and Adjustable Seat 23   Ding Work on Fenders 104
Roof Framework 30   Ding Work on Door Panels 108
Roof Parts (Repair and Replacement) 37   Ding work on Body Panels 110
Sills (Coupe) 39   Welding 112
Coupe Decks, Rear Belt Rails and Back Window 43   Soldering 114
Splicing Wood Parts 46   Hardware (Mechanical Hardware and Glass) 116
Cowl, Dash and Front Pillar Cover Panels 48   Door Hinges 123
Back and Roof Panels 55   Door Locks and Handles 124
Door Panels, Cover Panels and Facings 62   Door Noises and Shimming 126
Coupe Body Panels 67   Wind and Water Leaks 131
Upholstery (Major Assemblies and Springs 70      

Manual Added: 29 January 2007



NOTE: This manual was not in the best condition for scanning.  If there is a page you need and cannot read online, try printing the page.  If using Windows operating system, right click the page image and select Print Picture or Print Image.  Follow the prompts for your printer software.

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