1926 - 1931 Fisher Body Service Manual - Closed Body Models






  Front Cover 1   Door Panels, Cover Panels and Facings 62  
        Coupe Body Panels 67  
  Proper Names of Wood and Metal Panel Parts 3   Upholstery (Major Assemblies and Springs) 70  
  Body Construction and Service (Sills - Sedan) 6   Upholstery (Minor Assemblies) 78  
  Front Assembly - Pillars, Braces and Brackets 9   Upholstrery (Plain Stretched Trim) 85  
  Wood Framework of Doors and Adjustable Seat 23   Upholstery Trim Boarded 89  
  Roof Framework 30   Upholstery (Coupe Bodies - Trim Bindings) 96  
  Roof Parts (Repair and Replacement) 37   Roof Coverings (Standard Type) 99  
  Sills (Coupe) 39   Cleaning Body Materials 102  
  Coupe Decks, Rear Belt Rails and Back Window 43   Hardware (Mechanical Hardware and Glass) 104  
  Splicing Wood Parts 46   Door Hinges 111  
  Cowl, Dash and Front Pillar Cover Panels 48   Door Locks and Handles 112  
  Back and Roof Panels 55   Door Noises and Shimming 114  





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