1927 Chevrolet Repair Manual - Capitol Cars - Series AA




      Cover 0  
      Title Page 1  
      Preface 3  
      Standard Warranty 4  
      Directions for Ordering Parts 6  
  Chapter Description Page  
  I Motor Assembly 9  
  II Clutch Assembly 55  
  III Transmission and Universal Joint Assemblies 63  
  IV Rear Axle Assembly, including Brakes and Rear Wheels 71  
  V Front Axle Assembly and Front Wheels 91  
  VI Steering Gear Assembly 99  
  VII Fuel System, Including Carburetor 105  
  VII Cooling System and Radiator 121  
  IX Electrical System, Including Starting Motor, Generator, Coil, distributor,    

Lighting Switch, Starting Switch, Ignition Switch, Battery and Wiring Diagram

  X General Lubrication 209  
  XI Miscellaneous Data 217  



Manual Added: 17 December 2009

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