1951 Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild - Designing, Modeling & Building a Model Automobile Competition


       CONTENTS Page
Cover 0
Introduction and Welcome Letter *
Contents (Original Page) 1
Introduction 2
Designing 2
Clay Modeling 5
Building Your Model 8
     Wood Carving Method 9
     Model Airplane Method 10
     Plaster Casting Method 11
Wheels 13
Bumpers 13
Moldings 14
     Attaching Moldings 15
Headlights 15
Finishing and Painting 16
Judging Your Model 17
Your Shipping Box 17
Award Winning Models (Photos) - Rear Cover 18
Model Car Competition Sketch Sheet Guides  
     A. guide for designing a model car with engine in front or rear 19
     B. plan chart for model car (front or rear engine type) 20
     C. guide for developing front and rear views of model car design 21
Fisher Body Craftsman's Model Car Competition Sketch Sheet 22
1953 Competition  
     1953 Flier 23
     1953 Rules 24

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