1950 - 1953 Chevrolet Powerglide Automatic Transmission Repair Manual








  This section includes only the differences found in this transmission over the 1950-52 transmission.  Operations where not included in this section should be performed as indicated in the first section of the manual.  




  Page     Page
Driving Instructions 64      Reverse 78
   Pushing or Towing Car to Start Engine 64      Neutral 78
Maintenance 64      Converter Feed to Oil Cooler 78
   Service Adjustments 64      Lubrication System 80
General Description 65   Major Service Operations 80
   Torque Converter 65      Removal 80
      Operation 67      Disassembly 80
   Planetary Unit and Clutch 68         "O" Ring Seals 82
      Automatic Drive 68      Overhauling Unit Assembly 82
The Hydraulic System 69         Converter 82
   Oil Supply 69         Clutch 85
   Oil Pumps 69         Modulator 87
   Controls 69         Servo Cover 87
      Manual Valve 69         Front Pump 87
      Pressure Regulator Valve 70         Rear Pump 89
      Converter Pressure Regulator Valve 70         Valve Body 89
      Pressure Regulator Governor Valve 70         Low and Drive Valve Body 90
      Modulator 71            Throttle Valve Inner Lever Adjustment 93
      Accumulator 71         Governor 93
      High Clutch Low Servo Valve 71         Reverse and Low Servo Pistons 94
      Governor 71   Assembly 95
      Action of Check Valve 72      Converter 95
      Drive Clutch Relief Valve 72      Transmission Unit 96
Hydraulic Operation 72      Transmission to Converter Housing 97
   Automatic Drive Range 72   Installation 99
   Emergency Low Range 78      




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