1929 - 1932 Chevrolet Master Parts Price List

for Six Cylinder Models

(Manual and original scans provided by Jerry Adams, Jr.)



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Air Cleaner 17   Motor Mounting 1
Camshaft 9   Oil Distributor 6
Carburetor 13   Oil Filler Tube 2
Connecting Rod 3   Oil Level Gauge Rod 2
Crankshaft 8   Oil Pan 6
Cylinder Block 1   Oil Pipes and Fittings 6
Cylinder Head 2   Oil Pump 5
Fan and Fan Pulley 5   Piston 2
Flywheel 10   Thermostat 5
Front End Cover and Plate 9   Valve 11
Fuel Pump 17   Valve Rocker Arm 12
Harmonic Balancer 9   Valve Lifter and Push Rod 13
Manifolds 10   Water Outlet 5
Motor Assembly 1   Water Pump 4



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