1929 - 1932 Chevrolet Master Parts Price List

for Six Cylinder Models

(Manual and original scans provided by Jerry Adams, Jr.)


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Auxiliary Wiper 129   Mirrors 127
Bumper and Fender Guards 122   Mud Flaps 129
Cigarette Lighter 126   Pedal Pads 128
Clocks 127   Polish 129
Cowl Ventilator Screen 127   Radiator Cap 122
Dome Lamp - Commercial Bodies 129   Radiator Shutter 129
Draft Deflector 128   Seat Covers 128
Gearshift Ball 127   Smoker Kit 127
Governors 128   Snap Spokes 127
Hot Air Heater 129   Sportlight 122
Hot Water Heater 127   Tire Chains 128
Hub Protectors 127   Tire Covers 129
Lamp Bulbs 122   Tire Locks 128
Luggage Carrier 126   Waterproof Preserver 129
Luggage Carrier Rack - Folding Type 125      


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