1929 - 1932 Chevrolet Master Parts Price List

for Six Cylinder Models

(Manual and original scans provided by Jerry Adams, Jr.)



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Anti- Squeak 307   Plugs 304
Balls 306   Rivets 304
Bolts 298   Screw - Set 305
Copper Asbestos Gaskets 305   Screw - Sheet metal 301
Curtain Fasteners 306   Screws - Wood 306
Footman Loops 306   Studs 306
Grease Cups and Oilers 305   Terminals and Nipples 306
Grommets - Rubber 306   Upholstery Material 307
Nuts 301   Washer 303
Pins 305   Woodruff Keys 306
Pipe Fittings 305   Yoke Ends 305



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