Section 1 Body

struction, adding greatly to the strength of the body as a whole.
The body pillar in the rear quarter is rigidly braced to the wheel housing, Fig. 4,
Attachment of the body to the frame is made
very rigid through the use of 22 body bolts, incor­porating two-bolt attachment at the following points on each side:
Dash legs
Just forward of rear motor support
2nd body floor reinforcing brace
Front of rear wheelhouse
Single-bolt attachment is used at the following points on each side in addition to the foregoing:
1st body floor reinforcing brace
Center of rear wheelhouse
Frame rear cross member
Locations and type of body attachment bolts are shown in Fig. 5.
Remove and Replace
1.   Disconnect one battery cable.
2.   Remove windshield garnish molding-both sides.
3.   Remove radio panel opening cover.
4.   Disconnect choke control at instrument panel (also disconnect ignition lock bracket-to-instru­ment panel making it unnecessary to disconnect and connect ignition lock), disconnect throttle control at instrument panel and at carburetor, choke control at carburetor, hood lock control bracket at instrument panel, speedometer cable at speedometer, light switch at instrument panel, gasoline gauge and heat indicator back­ing plate-to-face plate, ammeter and oil gauge backing plate-to-face plate and face plate-to-instrument panel (one screw on left side-speedometer holds the right-hand end in place), remove bolts holding windshield wiper motor to bracket.
5.   Remove clock, cigarette lighter, and speedom­eter.
6.   Disconnect steering mast jacket-to-instrument panel "U" bolt and cowl ventilator handle sup­port at instrument panel.
7.   Remove the six screws and nuts attaching in­strument panel to cowl, and the two instrument panel-to-hinge pillar screws.
The instrument panel may now be removed from the cowl and dash assembly.
Transfer glove compartment, accessories and other items as necessary from the old to the new instrument panel.
To replace the instrument panel first bump down and sand off any high spots or burrs at the screw holes on both the cowl and the under side of the instrument panel. This precaution will prevent squeaks after the instrument panel has been re­assembled.
fig. 4-Box Section Side Roof Roll and Rear Quarter Construction
Fig. 5-Body Bolt Location





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