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Fig. 86-Truck Windshield Parts Layout
7.   Coat the center division seal with FS-638 seal­ing compound and install it between the two glasses, then coat the inner seal with sealing compound; install the inner plate, tightening the screws securely.
8.    Install the top and bottom reinforcing plates, and reassemble the windshield in its opening.
Windshield Weatherstrip
The rubber weatherstrip around the windshield frame fits into a groove around the outside of the windshield frame. To remove the weatherstrip, just pull it out of the groove. When installing a new weatherstrip, place the outside edge into the groove and push the inside edge into place using a putty knife.
The windshield wiper motors are located in the header panel. Removing the small plate attached to the header panel by four screws exposes the motor and vacuum line connections for service. The motor may be removed by disconnecting the wiper blade and removing the mounting nut on the front of the header panel.
The molded window rubber weatherstrip around the rear window is one-piece and has three channels or grooves. A cross-section of this weatherstrip out of the window is shown at "A" in Fig. 87. The out­side channel is of a width and depth to fit snug over the edges of the cab inner and outer panels where joined together to form the window opening.
The inside channel is of a width and depth to fit the outer edge of the glass. The rear surface of this channel contains a third channel, of triangular cross-section, into which a molded rubber weather-
Fig. 87-Cross-Section of Cab Rear Glass Weatherstrip
strip retainer, also of triangular cross-section, is fed. by means of a special tool after the weatherstrip and glass have been positioned in the window opening. Figure 87 "B" is a cross-section of the weatherstrip assembled.
No sealing compound or cement of any type is used at any point on this glass installation.
Cab Rear Glass Replacement
To remove the rear window it is only necessary to raise one end of the weatherstrip retainer from its channel, using an ice pick or similar tool; when one end is out far enough to take hold of by hand pull it out of the channel all around. From the inside of the cab the glass may now be pushed out through the rear of the opening. The weatherstrip will remain in the opening during removal of the glass. To remove the weatherstrip merely pull it off the edges of the panel all around the opening.
To install the glass, first make sure the cab inner and outer panel flanges are true all around the opening. Any bent places should be straightened.
Assemble the weatherstrip to the opening, making sure the outer channel is firmly seated on the edges of the panels all around. Start one end of the glass into its channel in the weatherstrip. Using a pointed tool similar to an ice pick, follow around the rear edge of the glass and bring out the rear lip of the





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