Section 3  - Front Suspension, Axle & Springs

A threaded type spring shackle is used at the front of the front spring on the 1/2 all 3/4 and 1-1/2-Ton Truck Models.
In this design threaded bushings are pressed into the spring hanger and into the eye of the spring. Threaded pins with tapered ends are screwed into the bushings with each end projecting the same distance. The shackles are plain, heavy gauge steel stampings with tapered holes which fit tightly on the tapered ends of the pins. A draw bolt, having a square shoulder under its rounded head, engages each outer shackle plate. A nut at the inner side of each inner shackle plate serves to draw both inner and outer shackles snugly on the pins. Fig. 49.
The pins are drilled from their outer ends to the center where a cross hole connects it with the threaded portion. Lubrication fittings are assem­bled in the end of each central hole to provide for lubrication of the threads. Cork washers are as­sembled at each end between the shackle and the hanger and between the shackle and the spring, to retain the lubricant in the threaded portion.
In action, this shackle, being tight on the tap­ered pin end, oscillates the pin in the threaded portion. This design uses all of the relatively large threaded surface for a bearing, reducing wear to a minimum and insuring long bearing life to these parts.
If it becomes necessary to remove these bush­ings from either the spring rear eye or the spring hanger, remove the draw bolt and the shackles. Unscrew tapered pins from the bushings and thread the end of the J-553 rear spring shackle bushing tool into the bushing. Turning the pull nut with a wrench will remove the bushing.
To install a new bushing, insert the threaded end of the J-553 rear spring shackle bushing tool through the spring eye or spring hanger and screw on a new bushing, until it is centered up with the hole in the spring eye or spring hanger. Turning on the pull nut will press this bushing into place.
Inspect the pin that was removed from the bush­ing and if it is worn, replace with a new one. Screw
Fig. 49—Threaded Type Spring Shackle
it into the bushing until each end projects 21/32" from the end of the bushing on either side. Place the four cork washers over the ends of the pins and assemble the shackle plates. Insert the draw bolt and draw the nut up snugly. Strike each end of each shackle a sharp blow with a hammer to insure seating of the tapers and retighten the shackle draw bolt.
Examine the lubrication fittings for damage, replacing when necessary and fill the pins com­pletely full with chassis lubricant.
A plain bushing type spring eye bolt is used at the rear of the front springs on the 1/2, all 3/4-ton, and 1-1/2-ton Truck Models. The construction and method of removing and replacing this type of eye bolt is the same as for the eye bolt in the plain bushed shackle, as described under "'Rear Springs" in Section 4 of this Shop Manual.





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