1955 Chevrolet Passenger Car Shop Manual



  General Description 1-1  
  Body Lubrication 1-2  
  Service Operations and Adjustments 1-2  
  Electric Regulators and Seat Adjuster 1-45  
  Convertible Top System 1-48  
  Keys and Locks 1-53  
  Care of Trim 1-55  
  Body Wiring Diagrams 1-57  
    Page     Page  
  General Description 1-1      Headlining 1-39  
  Body Lubrication 1-2   Exterior Hardware 1-40  
  Service Operations and Adjustments 1-2      Door Exterior Moldings - Sedan 1-40  
     Front End Assembly 1-2      Rear Quarter and Rear Fender    
        Windshield Wiper Assembly 1-2               Molding - Sedan 1-42  
        Instrument Panel Compartment Door 1-8      Door Exterior Moldings - Convertible    
     Door Assemblies 1-9               and Sport Coupe 1-43  
        Front Door - Sedan Styles 1-9      Rear Quarter and Rear Fender Moldings    
        Convertible and Sport Coupe Door                 - Convertible and Sport Coupe 1-44  
              Assembly 1-19   Electric Window Assembly 1-45  
        Rear Door Assembly 1-23      Electric Window Regulator and Seat    
     Rear End Assembly 1-27               Adjuster 1-45  
        Back Window Assembly 1-27      Electric Unit Checks 1-45  
        Rear Compartment Lid 1-28   Convertible Top 1-48  
        Rear Quarter - Sedan 1-31      Folding Top Adjustments 1-48  
        Rear Quarter - Special Coupe 1-32      Hydro-Lectric 1-50  
        Rear Quarter - Convertible 1-34      Trouble Diagnosis 1-51  
     Trim Assemblies 1-36   Keys and Locks 1-53  
        Front Seats 1-36   Care of trim 1-55  
     Rear Seat Assembly 1-39   Body Wiring 1-57  



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