1955 Chevrolet Passenger Car Shop Manual

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  General Description 6r-1      Removal 6r-3  
     Operation 6r-2      Disassembly 6r-4  
  Care, Maintenance and Adjustments 6r-2      Inspection 6r-4  
     Clutch Petal Height 6r-2      Repairs 6r-4  
     Clutch Petal Pull Back Spring 6r-2         Pilot Bearing 6r-4  
     Clutch Petal Free Travel 6r-3      Assembly 6r-4  
     Clutch Retracting Springs 6r-3   Troubles and Remedies 6r-5  
  Major Service Operations 6r-3   Clutch Specifications 6r-6  



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