1955 Chevrolet Passenger Car Shop Manual

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  General trouble-Shooting 6y-1      Checks and Adjustments on the Vehicle 6y-24  
  Generating Circuit        Servicing of Units off the Vehicle 6y-24  
     Description and Operation 6y-2         Starting Motor 6y-24  
     Periodic Servicing 6y-5         Solenoid 6y-29  
     Checks and Adjustments on the Vehicle           Pinion Clearance Adjustment 6y-30  
        Generator Telltale Light 6y-5   Ignition Circuit 6y-30  
        Wiring 6y-6      Description and Operation 6y-30  
        Battery 6y-6      Periodic Servicing 6y-34  
        Regulator 6y-7      Checks and Adjustments on the Vehicle 6y-34  
           Voltage Regulator Setting 6y-7         Timing 6y-34  
           Cutout Relay Closing Voltage 6y-11         Ignition Circuit Checks 6y-34  
           Current Regulator Setting 6y-11      Servicing of Units off the Vehicle 6y-36  
        Generator 6y-12         Distributor Contact Points 6y-36  
     Servicing of units off the Vehicle           Distributor Condenser 6y-40  
        Battery 6y-12         Distributor - Six Cylinder Engine 6y-41  
        Generator 6y-13         Distributor - Eight Cylinder Engine 6y-43  
        Regulator 6y-18         Coil Replacement 6y-48  
        Radio By-Pass Condensers 6y-21         Resistor Replacement 6y-48  
        Polarizing the Generator 6y-21         Ignition Switch Replacement 6y-48  
  Starting Circuit           Spark Plugs 6y-48  
     Description and Operation 6y-21   Troubles and Remedies 6y-50  
     Periodic Servicing 6y-24   Specifications 6y-51  
        Special Tools 6y-53  



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