1955 Chevrolet Truck Shop Manual 2nd Series

  Wiring 12-1  
  Lighting System 12-3  
  Instruments and Gauges 12-8  
  Horns and Horn Relay 12-11  
  Troubles and Remedies 12-14  
  Specifications 12-16  
  Wiring 12-1      Service Operations    
  Lighting System           Instrument Cluster 12-9  
     Description and Operation 12-3         Ammeter 12-9  
     Service Operations 12-4         Oil Pressure Indicator 12-9  
        Headlight Beam Adjustment 12-4         Fuel Gauge 12-10  
        Sealed Beam Unit Replacement 12-6         Temperature Indicator 12-10  
        Sealed Beam Headlamp Overhaul 12-6         Speedometer Service 12-10  
        Light Switch Replacement 12-7   Horns and Horn Relay    
        Stoplight Switch Replacement 12-7      Description and Operation 12-11  
        Dimmer Switch Replacement 12-7      Service Operations 12-12  
        Parking Lamp Service 12-8         Quick Checks for Horn Trouble 12-12  
        Tail and Stoplight Service 12-8         Horn Replacement 12-12  
  Instruments and Gauges           Horn Bench Check 12-12  
     Description and Operation 12-8         Horn Relay Adjustments 12-13  

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