1953 - 1962 Corvette Servicing Guide ST-12

(Original scans contributed by Phil Porter)

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  Engine Crankcase Oil 0-3   Rear Axle and Conventional Transmission 0-6  
     First 4000 Miles 0-3   Parking Brake 0-6  
     After 4000 Miles 0-4   Brake Main Cylinder 0-6  
     Types of Oils 0-4   Accelerator Control Rod 0-6  
     When to Change Crankcase Oil 0-4   Throttle Bell Crank 0-6  
  Air Cleaner 0-4   Crankcase Breather Cap 0-6  
  Oil Filter 0-4   Transmission Selector Lever Shaft 0-6  
  Fuel Filter 0-5   Clutch Cross Shaft 0-6  
  Battery 0-5   Chassis Lubrication 0-6  
  Distributor 0-6   Body Lubrication 0-6  




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