The ABCs of Carburetion

UM-900 (1959)


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Spray of line particles great air contact
"Atomization" simply means breaking the liquid fuel up into very small particles, so that it can more easily vaporize and mix with the air. With the fuel broken into small particles, there is much more chance for air contact; the more air contact, the better the vaporization.
Another "must" for good combustion is a cor­rect mixture ratio between the fuel and air, commonly called the "air-fuel ratio." To re­lease all possible energy by combustion, a given amount of fuel must be mixed with a
given amount of air. The metering job of the carburetor is to furnish the proper air-fuel ratio for various conditions, so that engine opera­tion will be neither too lean for power require­ments nor too rich for economy.
For good combustion and smooth, even opera­tion, the air and fuel must be thoroughly and uniformly mixed, delivered in equal quantities to each cylinder and evenly distributed within the combustion chamber. The carburetor must furnish a properly distributed mixture to the in­take manifold; from that point on, distribution depends mostly on engine design.



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