1946 - 1947 Servicing the New 3/4 & One-ton Chevy Truck Rear Axles


31 Pages

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  Forward 1  
  Rear Axle Differences 2  
  Overhauling Differential Carrier    
            - Assembly - Removal 3  
  Disassembly 4  
  Pinion Disassembly 5  
  Differential Disassembly 6  
  Cleaning and Inspection 7  
  Repairs - Pinion Shaft Oil Seal 11  
  Pinion Bearing Replacement 12  
  Ring Gear Replacement 16  
  Differential Reassembly 17  
  Differential Bearing    
          Replacement 18  
  Differential Carrier Reassembly 19  
  Adjusting Ring Gear and Pinion 22  
  Checking Pinion Depth 25  
  Adjusting Thrust Pad 29  
  Assembly in Vehicle 30  

                                                                                                                    Manual Added 12 April 2007



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