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Listed below and on this site are more than 368 various Chevrolet related Manuals, Booklets, Bulletins and Information (pre-1980), totaling over 26400 pages which are Online for everyone's use.  This information is provided  FREE  and is for research and to help promote the preservation of the Pre & Post-War Chevrolets for future generations.  This page is updated regularly with new additions.

Keith Hardy



31 March 2024

Hello Everyone,

Rusty here, webmaster for The Old Car Manual Project. It's been a while (10 years!) since there was new material to this site, but we're back at it now and will be adding material regularly. I intend to keep things generally the same as they have been, other than expanding the coverage of the site another 20 years to the end of the 1970s. Please let me know if you have materials that you would like to contribute. You can reach me at

Best Regards,

Rusty Petrovic


12 March 2014


Hi Folks,


    Went for over a year without placing any new additions on this site.  Recently completed medical treatments and now back at work.  Since arriving on a salvage tug in New Zealand, I have started putting together manuals for online use that others were kind enough to scan and send my way in the past year or so.  With this update, I have added more than 800 pages of material.  I hope to have plenty more material to add online over the next year.






For ALL Mechanical / Technical Questions concerning your Chevrolet or GMC vehicle which you can not find within some of the manuals on this site, Please ask or post on one of the online forums such as:


Chevy Talk            Stovebolt Page             Chevy Chatter



On these and other forums online are many knowledgeable people that can help you with your inquires. 

There have been times I have been overwhelmed with technical questions, many of which I can not answer.  Please consult the forums listed above. 


I work offshore on various ships and away from home and the internet for extended periods.    During these hitches, I try to work on some of the material to be used in this web site.  When I return home, I upload new manuals and information and I will try to respond to emails and/or correct any problems with the site.   Please continue to bear with me if I don't get back with you on a question or fix a page very quickly. 

     Thank you for your support and checking out this site.  I hope some of this material and information has been useful for you. 


Thank You,

Keith Hardy




This collection was originally started online 26 January 2003.  Thanks to Rusty of the Old Car Manual Project, these Online Manuals have been relocated in October 2004 to the same server which is capable of handling the bandwidth needed for everyone to reference.



Your Support Helps this Site to Add More Manuals & Expand



 Latest Additions!

1958 Chevrolet Carburetors and Fuel Injection

1924 Chevrolet "Superior" Instructions Owners Manual

Radio Bulletins Added

1950 Pontiac Service Craftsman News

1949 Pontiac Service Craftsman News

1955 Chevrolet et Oldsmobile Guide de L'Automobiliste

1929 - 1932 Chevrolet Master Parts Price List for Six Cylinder Models

1943 United Motors War-Time Service Handbook

1957 Chevrolet Stock Car Competition Guide

Genuine Chevrolet Accessories for 1940

1955 Chevrolet Passenger Car Accessories Installation Reference Manual



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Chevrolet Manuals and Information

Chevrolet Master Parts and Accessories Catalogs

Model and Engine Identification Information

Owner's Manuals for Passenger Cars and Trucks - 1928 - 1960

Chevrolet Radio Information, Installation, Service and Repair

Rochester Carburetor Information, Installation and Service Bulletins - Pre 1960

Specification Information (Resto-Packs) Packages - Pre 1960

Sales, Service and Training Booklets

Chevrolet Service News & Technical Service Bulletins

Radio Manuals and Bulletins

Master Parts and Accessories Catalogs and Lists

Transmission Manuals & Booklets 

Wiring Diagrams for 1923 - 1960 Passenger Cars and Trucks (Incomplete)

Miscellaneous Technical Information

Carburetor Information

1958 Chevrolet Carburetors and Fuel Injection

1916 - 1929 Chevrolet Parts for Four Cylinder Models  (Effective July 1, 1940)

1929 - 1932 Chevrolet Master Parts Price List for Six Cylinder Models

1929 - 1941 Chevrolet Master Parts Price List (Six-Cylinder Models)

1929 - 1954 Master Parts and Accessories Catalog

1929 - 1957 Chevrolet Master Parts & Accessories Catalog

1939 Chevrolet Accessories - Modern to the Minute Brochure

1951 Chevrolet Accessories Manual

1952 Chevrolet Ready Reference Time Saver

1956 Chevrolet Accessories Price List

1958 Chevrolet Parts and Accessories Catalog

Chevrolet Shop and Repair Manuals Fisher Body Manuals

1925 Chevrolet Repair Manual - Superior Models Series K

1934 Chevrolet Repair Manual, Master and Standard Models

1938 Chevrolet Shop Manual for All Passenger Cars and Trucks

1941 Chevrolet Shop Manual for Passenger Cars and Trucks

1942 Chevrolet Shop Manual

1942 Chevrolet 1-1/2 Ton (LC) 4 x 2 Truck built for U.S. Army Shop Manual

1942 - 1947 Chevrolet Shop Manual

1947 Chevrolet Truck Shop Manual

1948 - 1951 Chevrolet Truck Shop Manual

1949 Chevrolet Passenger Car Repair Manual including 1950-1 Suppliment

1949 - 1953 Passenger Car Shop Manual w/1954 Supplement

1950 Chevrolet Passenger Car Maintenance Manual

1954 Chevrolet Truck Shop Manual

1955 Chevrolet Passenger Car Shop Manual

1955 Chevrolet Truck 2nd Series Shop Manual

1956 Supplement to the 1955 Chevrolet Truck Shop Manual

1957 Corvette Service Operations

1959 Chevrolet Truck Shop Manual - Supplement

1959, 1960 Chevrolet Passenger Car Shop Manual Supplement

1961 Chevrolet Truck Shop Manual Supplement



Fisher Body Service Bulletins

1926 - 1931 Fisher Body Service Manual - Closed Body Models

1931 Fisher Body Service Manual  (Lots of Body Wood Framing Information)

1934 Fisher Body Service  Manual  (Lots of Exterior Wood Garnish Info)

1935 - 1936 Fisher Body Service Manual

1937 - 1938 FISHER Manual of Construction and Service

1939 & 1940 Fisher Body Service & Construction Manual

1941 - 1942 Fisher Body Sheet Metal Service Manual

1946 - 1947 Fisher Body Service and Construction Manual

1948 Station Wagon Body by Fisher - Service and Construction Manual

1949 Fisher Body Service and Construction Manual

1949 Fisher Body Station Wagon Service & Construction Manual

1955 Fisher - Series A - Chevrolet  - Trim Instructions Manual 465023


Chevrolet Sales, Service & Training Booklets Chevrolet Miscellaneous




Sales, Service & Training Booklets

1941 Chevrolet Advance Service Information - Passenger Cars and Trucks

1952 - Automotive Carburetion Made Easy UM-900

1952 Service Procedure for Ball Bearings

1959 - ABC's of Carburetion UM-900

1959 - ABC's of Fuel Injection

The Charging Circuit UM-300 (6 & 12 volt systems)


Chevrolet Story 1912 - 1951

Floyd Clymer's 1929 - 1950 Chevrolet Owner's Complete Handbook

1933 The Making of a Motor Car

1945 ABC's of Hand Tools - Their Correct Usage and Care Booklet

1946 - 1954 Chevrolet Passenger Car Model Charts

Chevrolet Paint Codes for 1940 - 1958

Chevrolet Trim Codes for 1941 - 1958

Chevrolet Serial Number Codes for Passenger Cars 1942 - 1958

Floyd Clymer's "Independent Test Report and Investigation of the 1949 Chevrolet"

Floyd Clymer's "The Owners Report on the 1951 Chevrolet"

1946 - 1954 Chevrolet Passenger Car Registry Database

Miscellaneous New Car Labels, Stickers & Information Tags

1949 Delco Brake Service Manual

1949 Delco-Remy Electrical Equipment Operation & Maintenance Handbook DR-324


GMC Truck Manuals and Information

Pontiac & Oldsmobile Information

  1954 GMC Truck Hydra-Matic Transmission Maintenance Manual

1955 - 1959 GMC Trucks Maintenance Manual - Models 100 - 500

1946 - 1950 HYDRA-MATIC TRANSMISSION Parts Requisition

1949 Pontiac Service Craftsman News

1950 Pontiac Service Craftsman News


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Other Online Chevrolet / GM Manuals Online Chevrolet Info Sites

The Old Car Manual Project  (Lots of Online Manuals)

1925 - 1948 Carter Carburetors for Chevys

1935 Chevrolet Shop Manual

   (Manual on the web site)


Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club

     has the 1955, 1956 & 1957 Passenger Car Assembly Manuals In Reference Section


1949 Oldsmobile Shop Manual 6 & 8

   (Manual set up by Terry Vessels)

Chevrolet Brochures

1949 - 1954 Chevys of Brazil and Cuba (

1948 Chevy . Com

1953 & 1954 Chevrolet

Chevy Resources Links

Miscellaneous Related Files & Information




Manuals, Booklets, etc. Listed in order of Year:


Companies Selling Chevrolet Manuals & Literature

  Auto Memories Auto Literature Greg's Online Lloyd's Auto Literature
  Automobile Books Bishko Impala Bob's McLellan's Auto Literature
  Bowtie Bits Ken McGee Auto Books
  Chevy's of the 40s Krause Publications National Chevy Association
  Gearhead Cafe The Filling Station PJ's Auto Literature
    National Corvette Restorers Society

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To help offset the costs of some of the Chevy Related Materials I have on the web, I am asking for contributions to help with acquiring more old Chevy Related  manuals and information.  These sites will continue to be FREE for anyone who wishes to use them.  That is my original intent and I will continue to provide this info.    

Always Looking For and In Need of More Manuals

     If you have any Pre-1960 Used Chevrolet or related Manuals or Materials not listed here and would like to donate them or can scan the pages for this site , please contact me.  Anyone who donates any material will be credited on the site that contains the data.  If  a manual is donated by a business, I can include a web site link to their site.

Thank You


Keith Hardy


My 1951 Chevy


...and Special Thanks to these Folks for their help with this site!

Gene Thompson

Renton, WA

Radio Bulletins

David Curl

Norfolk, Va

1949 Shop Manual

1949 Pontiac Bulletins

Jerry Adams, Jr.

1929 - 1932 Chevrolet Master Parts Price List

Andre Ruiters

Stuttgart, Germany

1940 Accessories Booklet

David Wonsey

1955 Accessories Manual

1957 Stock Car Guide

François Julien

1955 French Canadian Owners Manual


A M Twisk

Castricum, Netherlands

Norman Missel

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Peter Harbottle

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Edward Feldman

Henderson, NV

Jason Clowdis

Larry Currie

Rene Frohlich


Lawrence Merrill

Moreno Valley, CA

Richard Thompson

Mesa, AZ

Duane Schuur

New Ulm, MN

Eugene Flynn

Nine Mile Falls, WA

Edward Feldman***
Henderson, NV

Steve Newsom

Milton, FL

Michael Tunney

1952 Chevrolet Ready Reference

Steve Droz

Nyon, Switzerland

Gary Aldridge
Cabool, MO
Joseph Anthony
Foristell, MO
Robert Rogers
Pittsburg, TX
Arturo Carrillo
Los Angeles, CA

Bob Marx

Marx Parts
Arpin, WI

Michael Bennett
Gilbert, AZ

****Dennis Graham ****

Sandwich, IL

Kirk Gustafson *
Bloomington, IL

Michael Ahlmann

Sunnyvale, CA

Charles Mickey

Dodge City, KS

1955 Fisher Trim

Diann Matley
Ipswich, Queensland

Ronald Ball
Gates Mill, OH

Phil Porter

1953 - 1962 Corvette Servicing Guide ST-12

Robert Hagen
Middlesbrough, Cleveland, UK
Joe Beatty
Houston, TX
Don Cox
Ada, OK 

Dane Tyler
Lilburn, GA

Paul Andres
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

AM Twisk
Castricum Netherlands

Duane Strong Jr

Kelseyville, CA

Michael Moore

Long Valley, NJ

Luke Saldana
Conroe, TX

Phil Porter

1956 - 1960 Corvette Chassis Service Operations

Stuart Miller

Eureka, CA

Michael Dobesh
Anchorage, AK

Jason Woodall

1955 1st Series Truck


Marx Parts
Arpin, WI
David Noriega
Camarillo, CA
Paraparaumu, Wellington,
New Zealand
David Kennedy
Huntsville, AL
David Folsom
Snohomish, WA

D.J. Chance

Claremore, OK

1952 UMS AC Speedometers and Tachometers

Leonard Klein

Chino Valley, AZ

David Mitchell

West Haven, UT

B+R Automation
Bourbon, MO
Dennis Templeton
Omaha, NE
E. Ray Hardy
Panacea, FL

Allen Rudolph

Menlo Park, CA

William Schweiger
Baden, PA
Alfred Anderson
Littlestown, PA
Stephen Bullard
Union City, CA
Jim Pissot
Canmore, Alberta, Canada
 Madrid, Spain

Ulf Gahnfelt


Wally Schultz

Healdsburg, PA

Bill Korrer

1938 Car Owner's Manual

Lake Tahoe, NV

1955 Radio Service Instructions

Nathan Axton

Cooksville, IL

Paul Andres

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Lyn Gomes

Livermore, CA

Edward Feldman

Henderson, NV

Lyle Henry

Oklahoma City, OK

Robert Lynn
Ketchum, ID
Samuel Holloway
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Tony Twisk

Castricum, Netherlands

Paul Williamson
Pelham, AL

Greg Miller

1952 Truck Resto-Pack

Brad Sigurdson
Warman, Saskatchewan, Canada
Gene Terra

Linda Wilshire

Redlands, CA

Sergio Vazquez
Chula Vista, CA

Andy Milne

New Zealand

1959 Owner's Manual

  Richard Marolda

Yardville, NJ

Rick Oefinger

Manhattan Beach, CA

Michael Barnet

Mount Vernon, OH

L. J. Benjamin

Zachary, LA

1938 Shop Manual

Cleon Eck
Heath, TX

Shawn McLain

Jackson, NJ

1954 Truck Transmission Info

James Windust
Adel, IA

Tomas Montero Molinero

Madrid, Spain

Michael Bogumill

Mishawaka, IN

Nancy Greenleaf

Scottsdale, AR

George Phillips

Neptune, NJ

1954 Truck Transmission Info

Lane Fotty


1955-59 GMC Shop Manual

Debra Carr

Manning, SC

Greg Hill

Enid, OK

Provided Lots of 1954 Info

Gordon Marks

Patrick Doonan

Maylene, AL

"Bowtie Billy"

1955 Fisher Body Service News

Charlie Hardin
Weatherford, TX

1959 Truck Resto Pack

Bill Frey

Annetta, TX

1958 Truck Resto Pack

Patrick Doonan

Maylene, AL



Per-Ake Larsson


1923 Owner's Manual

Ronald Gissiner

Seminole, FL

1955 Overdrive Booklet

Bob Pelka
Winnetka, CA
William Gilbert
Corvallis, OR

Richard Caslow

La Habra, CA

Peter Koch

Maple Ridge, BC Canada

Tylor Ray

Flat Rock, NC

1928 Engineering Features

Jillian DeLage


- Unbridled Imagery

Lakewood, CO

David M Chapman
Arden, NC

Ed Foley

Redlands, CA.

1956 Truck Owner's Manual

Ben Franklin

Ukiah, CA

Randy Berg

Calgary, Canada
1948 Truck Operator's Manual

1948 Truck Resto-Pack

Robert Rausch

Santa Monica, CA

1954 Power Steering

Ricardo Da Ros Malacarne


1954 Truck Operator's Manual

Richard Johnson

Ely, NV

1959 Truck Operator's Manual

Dennis Graham ******

Sandwich, IL

John Ton

1948 Eaton 2-Speed Axles

Darryl Hammock
Brighton, MI
James Nelson
Elmwood, NE
Brian Stephens
1948 Truck Models Brochure

Dieter Hofem

Loerzweiler, Germany

Stayton Woodall

San Antonio, TX 

Wayne Adams
Billerica, MA
Randy Gladue
Norwich, CT

Mark Kraus

N. Tonawanda, NY
1958 Resto-Pack

Robert Jenista

Brier, WA
1956 Car Resto-Pack

Mike Hanrahan

W. Palm Beach, FL

1955 Carb Booklet

1957 Car Resto-Pack

Tom Arnold

Harrisburg. PA.

1950 Truck Resto-Pack

Wyn Laidig

Dave Laughlin

William Masters

Simpsonville, SC

Marjorie Briggs

Drew Pierce

Glassboro, NJ

Edward Harrison

Blairsden, CA

Noel Alvarez

New York, NY

Tim Perrin


55 - 57 Australian Owners Manuals

James Amos

Denver, CO

John Mulligan
Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Ronald Ball ***

Gates Mills, OH

Roger Dubrulle

1928 Instruction Manual

Bill LePage

1955-59 Truck Radio Supplement

Brian Lerohl

Fairview, SD 

Bob Gray

Eleanor, WV.

Alberto Raggi

Milano, Italy

Richard Guenther

Bellevue, WA

Linda Hatala

Huntington Beach, CA

Sebastian Mindling

Jeff Nelson

Advance Design Chevy Truck

Jeff Cusyck

Port Byron, NY

1951 Truck Resto-Pack

Dennis Terry Joshua Paschal

Thomas Brandon

Blacksburg, VA (Bulletins)

Andy Stringer

Melbourne, Aus.  Shifter Info

Julian Puga
San Antonio, TX

Joe Weimer

Cahokia, Il.

1949 Truck Restopak

Joe Kovdic

Portland, OR

Randall Lucht

Hawley, MN

Don Hobson

Robert Hayden

(Lots of Stuff)

Roland Burke Michael Rogers
Arroyo Grande, CA

Edwin Warnick III

Wayne, WV

Lela Lesson

Tucson, AZ

Gavin Herrera
Denver, CO
Dee Dee Dinah
Lodi, CA

W. Borhamer
Renton, WA   1952 Resto-Pack

Gene Schneider *****

(Provided a Ton of Info)

Dusan Ristic-Petrovic *****

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Alanna MacEnery

Galveston, TX

Suzy Donathan
Glendora, Ca.

David Hayward

England (Lots of Info)

Mario's Seawall Italian Restaurant Galveston, TX

Erling Storstrom ***
Oslo, Norway

Pat Gizz

1949 Delco Brake Manual

Brian Holley

Barboursville, WV

Robert Clark

Vienna, VA








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