The Charging Circuit    




Cover   C
Typical Car Electrical System   0
Introduction   1

Description of Units and Their Function

Battery   1
Generator   1
Regulator   2
     Cutout Relay   2
     Voltage Regulator   2
     Current Regulator   2
Wiring Circuit   3

Electrical Terms - Measuring & Basic Test Instruments

Voltage   3
Current   3
Resistance   3
Voltage Variation Due to Battery Characteristics & Regulator Temperature   4
     Temperature Effects on Regulator Control   4
Adjusting Voltage Regulator Setting   4
Regulator Operation   5

Inspection and Checking Procedure - Charging Circuit

Battery Troubleshooting   5
Visual Inspection   6
Hydrometer Check   6
Open Circuit Voltage Check   6
Load Check   7
Generator Mechanical Inspection   7
Generator Electrical Inspection   7
Charging Circuit Wiring Inspection   8
Regulator Inspection   8
Voltage Regulator   8
Cutout Relay   9
Current Regulator   9
Removal and Installation of Units
Battery   10
Generator   10
Regulator   10
General Troubleshooting of the Charging Circuit
Battery   10
Generator   11
Regulator   11
Facts to Remember About the Charging Circuit   11
Automotive Electrical Training Advertisement   12

Booklet Added: 29 December 2003





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