1934 Chevrolet Repair Manual, Master and Standard Models

(contributed by Gene Schneider)


     This repair manual is divided into fifteen major chapters or subchapters, each of which contains the information pertaining to that particular unit, such as construction, operation, care, specifications and repair operations, and each of these subjects will be treated in the chapter in this order of sequence.

     By arranging the manual in this form, the reader should be able to find the answer to any question quickly and completely.




  Front Cover 0  
  Title Page 1  
  A Message to Chevrolet Service Men 3  
1 Engine Assembly 5  
2 Clutch Assembly 35  
3 Transmission Assembly 41  
4 Universal Joints and Propeller Shaft Assembly 57  
5 Rear Axle Assembly 61  
6 Knee Action or Independent Front Wheel Suspension 77  
7 Front Axle Assembly 83  
8 Steering Gear Assembly 89  
9 Brakes 93  
10 Frame and Springs 102  
11 Fuel System 109  
12 Cooling System 117  
13 Electrical System 121  
14 Lubrication 145  
15 Closed Body 154  
  Alphabetical Index 160  

Manual Added: 7 April 2005


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