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     The links Below have been very helpful for me in gathering parts and information for my 1951 Chevy.  Some of these sites I have found to be informative and interesting.  I hope you find them useful as well.  If you know of a site that is relevant to pre-1960 Chevrolet Cars and Trucks that should be included here or any broken links, please email me at:

Keith Hardy


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For Great Info for your Chevrolet Car or Truck, get the...GM RESTORATION PACKET

which can be obtained in the U.S. by calling 1-800-222-1020, a shipping charge may apply.

For Canada, 800-263-3777 and Internationally, 904-444-2566

or write:

GM Customer Service


P.O. Box 33170

Detroit, Michigan 48232-5170


Be sure to Specify the Year of your Car or Truck, not the model.  They will ask for the Serial Number of your Automobile, so please have it ready.  The Resto-Pack contains Information for All Models of the year you order.  Here are some examples of the Resto-Packs.   CLICK HERE!




Chevy Talk (Best Question & Answer Forum for Chevrolet Enthusiasts)

Assembly Plant Codes:
Chevrolet Engine Casting Numbers & Codes:

Chevy Trucks .org (Specializing in Information on 41 - 59 Chevy Trucks)

General Motors Historical Site:
General Motors Worldwide Information Files Index:
Information for Pre & Post-War Chevrolets 1946 - 1954 (Listing of Online Chevrolet Manuals)
Inliners International (Information about Inline Engines)
Old Online Chevy Manuals:  (Online Manuals for Pre & Post-War Chevrolet Passenger Cars)
Paint Codes for 1940 - 1954 Chevrolet Passenger Cars:
The Old Car Manual Project  (Growing Site w/Online Manuals, Diagrams and Schematics
              for many makes and models of older automobiles)
The Stovebolt Page (The oldest and most complete pre-'73 GM truck on-line resource)

    (Question & Answer Forum for 1955 - 1957 Chevrolet Enthusiasts)

Trim Codes for 1941 - 1954 Chevys:
U.S. and Canadian Chevrolet Manufacturing Plant Codes

VCCA Chevy Chatter (Question & Answer Forum for Chevrolet Enthusiasts)

Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Chevrolets 1911 to 1979)

1953 Chevy Truck  (Forums for 1947 - 1955 Chevy/GMC Trucks & Panel Van Owners)

  (Information for 1947 - 1998 Chevy & GMC Trucks)

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1925 - 1948 Carter Carburetors for Chevys

1937 Chevrolet  (Tons of Info for the 1937 Chevy Passenger Cars & Trucks)

1938 Chevrolet Restoration in progress

1939 Chevys  (Dedicated to the 1939 Chevys Only, Lots of Info)
Paul's '41 Chevy Web Site  (Lots of Data for the 1941 Chevrolet Passenger Cars)

Brad's '41 - '46 Chevy Trucks (Loaded with Data for 1941 - 1946 Trucks)

1946 - 1954 Chevrolet Passenger Car Model Identification Charts: 
1946 - 1954 Chevrolet Passenger Car Restoration Packs: 
  (Dedicated to 1947 and 1948 Chevys w/Lots of Info)

1949 Oldsmobile Shop Manual 6 & 8  (Manual set up by Terry Vessels)

CLASSY56's Tri-5 Chevy Paint Code, Pictures & Info Web Site  (has paint codes for 1955 - 1957 Chevys)
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All American Classics, Inc.  (New, Used & Reproduction Parts: 1930's - 1980's)

Bel Air Auto Parts:  (1933 - 1964 Chevy Parts & Accessories)

Big Jim's  (NOS, Used & Reproduced Accessories, e.g. Fender Skirts & Sunvisors)
Case's 55-56-57 Chevy Parts
Chev's of the 40's:   (Parts for 1937 - 1954 Chevrolets)

CHEVY Automotive Archeologist  ( "We Dig Old Cars And Parts" Chevy Car And Truck Parts)

Classic Parts - Truck Parts of America   (1947-87 Chevrolet & GM Classic Truck Parts)
Chevy Parts Pro - Replacement Chevy Body Parts
Clock Works  (Automobile Clock Repairs)
Coker Tires (Wide White Wall Tires)


Don's Auto Parts (Good Source for Old Parts)
East Coast Chevy   (Specializing in 55-56-57 Chevy Reproduction Parts)
eBay Auto Auctions  (Excellent Site for Finding those Hard to Get Parts)
Fine Lines  (Fuel, Brake, Transmission & Vacuum Lines for Classic Cars & Trucks)
Greg's Automotive  (Shop & Accessory Manuals, other Publications)
Hampton Coach  (Interior Products & Free Catalog)
Hemmings Motor News  (They offer a Free Catalog)
Ida's Antique Chevrolet Parts (Chevy Passenger Car & Truck Parts 1935-1955)
J.C. Whitney (mostly Products for Newer Cars & Free Catalog)
Krause Publications  (Reprints of Owner's, Service Manuals, etc.)
National Chevy Association  (Parts and Other Information)
Obsolete Chevrolet Parts Company:
Old Chevy Parts Store (Specializing in parts for all 1955-57 passenger cars)
Rt.66 Restoration Supplies (Supplier of Classic Restoration Supplies for 55-56-57 Chevys)
Steel Rubber Products  (They offer a Free Catalog)
Stovebolt Engine Parts Company   (In-line 6 Cylinder Performance Parts)

Superior Glass Works   (500+ fiberglass body parts for 1931-55 cars and trucks and complete reproduction chassis)

The Filling Station (1916-1964 Chevrolet Car & 1918-1987 Chevrolet & GMC Truck Parts
Truck Parts Pro Shop:  (Truck Parts and Accessories Online)
Western Wireless Company ("The Antique Radio Store" & Repairs)
The Wiperman  (Source for Trico Wiper Motors and Parts)
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6 to 12 Volt Conversion:
Auto Restorer Online (Source for Auto Restoration Information)
ChevyTrucks.Org (Good Site for How To Do Info)  (Technical Section)
Classic Chevy Tech Help (presented by the Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club)
         Online GM Passenger Car Assembly Manuals for 1955-1957 Classic Chevys.

How to Buff and Polish Stainless Steel (Caswell Inc. - Electroplating)

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Chevrolet Brochures   

CHEVROLETS  de 1949 1954 (Pictures & Info of Brazilian & Cuban Chevys)
Chevy Scrapbook (Chevys from 1946-54)
Serial Number Codes for 1942 - 1958 Chevrolet Passenger Cars: 
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Chevrolet Registry Data Base for 1946 - 1954 Passenger Cars:
Chevrolet Registeret - Norge : (Norwegian Chevrolet Registry)
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A-Z Rolodex of Replacement/Performance parts mfrs and distributors

Chevy Talk Links: (Some really good links)


Wiring Schematics for 1923 - 1960 Chevy Cars & Trucks:  (This Site Is Still Incomplete With New Diagrams Added Occasionally.)
Old Online Chevy Manuals:  (Online Manuals for Pre & Post-War Chevrolet Passenger Cars)
Autos and Vehicles: Your guide to autos and vehicles on the Internet.

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