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1 May 2004
Summer in the City Car Show
Panama City, Fl.

     This is my 1951 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe 4 Door Sedan.  My father gave me this car in September 1999.  It was originally purchased by a Mrs. Bertha A. Dagan (deceased 1977) of York, Maine from the S.W. Johnson & Son Motors of Sanford, Maine.  This car may have been a demonstration model shown by the dealership to prospective buyers before Mrs. Dagan's purchase. S.W. Johnson was her brother-in-law.
     My Father bought the car from Mrs. Dagan's estate in 1985 and partially restored it. It still has the original engine with 76,000+ miles and most of the original parts.  I am now the 3rd Proud Registered Owner of this Wonderful Car.

     This car is in very good mechanical condition and I use it on a Daily basis when home from offshore.  In time, I hope to have my "Over-sized Go-cart" repainted and redo all chrome plating.

Keith Hardy


1951 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe

6 Passenger  4 Door Sedan


Serial # 2JK-I 91662

Style No. 51-1069 (Model 2103)

Body No. T 40949

(Assembled in Tarrytown, N.Y.)

Trim No. 201 (Grey Cloth Interior)

Paint No.442 (Mayland Black)

Fuel Tank: 16 U.S. Gallons

Wheelbase: 115 inches

Weight: 3,150 Pounds


     This model was Chevrolet's Top Seller in 1951.  A total of 855,293 Styleline Deluxe Models were produced out of a total 1951 Chevrolet Production Run of 1,250,803 Cars.  380,270 of these were 4 Door, 6 Passenger Cars like mine. The base price of this car was $1,680 before Optional Equipment, Freight and Excise Taxes.

~ Engine Compartment ~

Engine Size: 216.5 c.i.

Serial # JAM429883
6 Cylinders, Valves In Head
(Assembled in Tonwanda, N.Y. in

     January 1951)
Carburetor: Rochester Single Barrel

     w/Manual Choke

Transmission: Sychromesh
3 Speed Manual
Rear Axle: Spiral Hypoid, Ratio: 4.11:1
SAE HP Rating: 29.4 @ 450 rpm (idle)
Max. Brake HP: 92 @ 3400 rpm
Electrical System: 6 Volt

    (Negative Ground)
w/40 Amp Delco-Remy Generator

~ Interior ~
Clock in Center of Dash
is Mechanical (Wind Up) & Works!
Rear Seat Front Seat & Dash
~ Miscellaneous ~

Hollywood Steering
Wheel Knob
(circa early '50's)


S.W. Johnson Chevrolet Dealership

That Displayed My Car In 1951
Photo Ad Clip (circa 1949) Provided By The
Sanford - Springvale Public Library,
Springvale, Maine


1951 Florida Tag
Issued in Okaloosa County
Only Year with Slogan
My Car Club:
Classic Cruisers
of Panama City, Florida

5th October 2002
Fallfest Car Show
Panama City, Fl.


3 October 2002 Fallfest Show

4 May 2002 Summer In The City Show



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