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   The information listed below has been compiled from different sources..  This page has been set up to include information that is not included in some of the Chevrolet / GM Manuals and has been contributed to by many people who took the time to help explain or photograph a procedure that will help others in the restoration of their Chevy.

   If you have any documentation you would like to add, please email me.

Keith Hardy



CT Fliers

Floor Shifter Assembly

Fog Lamp Installation Instructions - 1946

Hood Spring Tool

Horn Button Assembly 1949 - 1952

Horn Button Assembly 1954


Oil Filter Canister

Radiator Overflow Condenser

Trico Automatic Windshield Washer - AW-122 Installation Instructions

Window Stickers & Bills of Sale

1951 Dash Photos

1954 Motor Mount

6 to 12 Volt Conversion



Some of my stuff that I didn't want to misplace on the web.

  Juke Boxes


Crouse-Hinds Traffic Light

1951 Chevy Wagon

1951 Chevy Wagon 1


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