1949 - 1952 Chevrolet Horn Button (Ring) Parts, Assembly and Adjustment


The photos below are of old parts from a 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe (Tom Meyers) and 1951 Chevrolet Styleline.  These are used to depict the order of assembly of the Horn Ring Button.

Horn Ring facing up.  Install over steering wheel shaft.   Underside of Horn Ring

Underside of Steering Wheel


  Steering Wheel Facing Up.  Press onto Steering Wheel Shaft and install washer and tighten nut.
Align Horn Ring with Steering Wheel.  Threaded holes in Horn Ring will align with hole through steering wheel hub.
Horn Contact and Insulator   Horn Contact and Insulator assembled
Insert Horn Contact and Insulator in hole in Steering Wheel Hub

Horn Contact Plate


  Align Horn Contact Plate in center of Steering Wheel Hub as shown.
Horn Contact Adjustment Ring   Side view with Adjustment Screws

Align Horn Contact Adjustment Ring Screws with threaded holes in Horn Ring.  Start Screws with a few turns.

Insert Horn Contact Adjustment Ring over Contact Plate.    
Horn Contact Adjustment Screws Spring.  This is used to prevent the Horn Contact Adjustment Screws from turning after adjustment.  

Insert Horn Contact Adjustment Screws Spring as shown in photo.



Before replacing the Steering Wheel Cover, lightly tighten all three Horn Contact Adjustment Screws till snug.  Next loosen all three approximately 2 turns.  Connect Battery.  Check adjustments by pressing on Horn Ring.  If no sound, turn each screw half a turn.  Press Horn Ring.  If no sound, repeat until Horn Ring makes contact with Horn.  Next, turn Steering Wheel all the way to the left and then to the right to see if Horn sounds.  If so, back out each screw a little until Horn stops.  Test drive.

Steering Wheel Cover   Align Steering Wheel Cover with notch in Steering Wheel Hub.

Drawing of Assembly by Tom Meyers (1950 Fastback)


1954 Chevrolet Horn Button Assembly


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