1957 Corvette Service Operations


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Servicing Corvette Engines and R.P.O. Equipment 1      Corvette 4-Speed Transmission 33
Tuning the Corvette Engine 2      Major Service Operations 36
   Introduction 2         Troubles and Remedies 46
   Mechanical Checks and Adjustments 2      Positraction Rear Axle 47
   Spark Plug Diagnosis Summary 4   1957 Fuel Injection FI 1
   1956-7 Corvette Engine Spark Plug Recommendations 5      Description FI 1
         Four Barrel Carburetor (Carter WCFB) 12      Maintenance and Adjustments FI 1
         Fuel Injection 15      Troubleshooting FI 3
   Instrument Check Out 17      Removal of Fuel Injection from Engine FI 7
   Additional Checks and Adjustments 25      Fuel Injection Flow Check FI 8
Corvette Regular Production Options 28      Removal of Assemblies FI 8
   Heavy Duty Brakes and Suspension 29      Disassembly FI 10
      Brakes 30      Cleaning and Inspection FI 13
      Wide Wheel-Base 31      Assembly FI 14
      Close Ratio Transmission 31      Installation of Assemblies FI 17
   Standard and Optional Engine Construction 32      Installtion of Fuel Injection on Engine FI 19

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