1955 Chevrolet Reconditioning Information



Cover Page  
Changes Made  
Introduction 1
   Brief History and Development of the Resin Repair System 1
   Materials used in Resin Repair System 2
Strength and Bonding Ability of the Resin Repair System 3
Instructions on How to Make Resin Repairs 4
   Step 1. - Preparation 4
   Step 2. - Drying the Area under Repair 6
   Step 3. - Preparing the Fiberglass Cloth 6
   Step 4. - Preparing the Resin 7
   Step 5. - Application of the Repair Patch 9
   Step 6. - Finishing Operation 11
   Step 7. - Refinishing Operation 12
Performing Various Types of Resin Repairs 13
   Bridge Type Repair Procedure 13
   Filler Type Repair Procedure 17
   Button Type Repair Procedure 21
   Anchor Type Patch Repair 24
Other Types of Practical Repairs 27
   Repairing Turrent Tops 27
   Gas and Radiator Repairs 29
Fabricating Non-Functional Parts 30
   Lay-Up Without a Pattern 30
   Lay-Up With a Pattern 31
Mold Type Fabrications 32
Attaching Resin Type Materials 32
   Using Heli-Coil Inserts for Attachments 33
Definitions of Terms Used 34

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