1958 Chevrolet Carburetor Service "Simpler Than You Think!" - T-O-P-58-S&M-13

39 Pages




Cover 1
Foreword 2
Six Basic Systems 4
Float System  
   Importance of Correct Float Level 5
   Gauge Sets Available 6
   Float Drop 7
   Checking Needle and Seat 9
   Balance Passage and Bowl Vent 10
Idle System  
   Basic System 13
   Ridges on Mixture Screws 17
   Air Leaks at Secondary Throttle Valves 17
Main Metering System  
   Variable Air Bleed Compensation (Rochester) 20
   Variable Main Jet Compensation (Carter) 24
Power System  
   Rochester Power System 26
   Carter Power System 29
Accelerating Pump System  
   Basic System 30
   Seating Discharge Ball 31
   Pump Rod Adjustment 33
   Why Plunger Springs are Precisely Calibrated 34
Choke System  
   Common Malfunctions 36
   Choke Adjustments (single and 2 barrel) 36
   Additional Adjustments (4 barrel and 3 x 2 carburetors) 37
   Heat Tube Burned Through (1957 - 58 V8) 38
   Crossover Pipe Plugged with Carbon (1955 V8) 38

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