1959 Chevrolet Servicing the Two-Speed Windshield Wiper and Washer - T-O-P-59-S&M-4

27 Pages





Cover 00
Foreword 0
Operation 1
   Basic Electrical Circuits 1
   Drive Mechanism Operation 2
   Washer Pump Operation 5
Diagnosis and Repair 9
   Washers Inoperative 9
   Wipers Inoperative 12
   Wipers Do Not Park 16
   Wipers Will Not Shut Off 16
   High-Speed Operation in Low-Speed Range 17
   Low-Speed Operation in High-Speed Range 18
   Excessive Speed in Either Speed Range 19
   Excessive Speed in High-Speed Range Only 19
Wiper Overhaul 19
   Motor 19
   Drive Mechanism 24
Blade Adjustment 27

Booklet Added: 20 June 2007





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