1948 Chevrolet Service News

(Bulletins provided by Gene Schneider)




This index is listed by classification of subject and arranged in the same sequence as the Shop Manual.


Please Note Pages for the March and October Issues are Missing.

SECTION 0 - General Lubrication



   Heavy Duty Type Oils May 4  
SECTION I - Body      
   Cowl Panel Water Leak                                                        (Page Missing) March 3  
   Door Moulding Installation January 1  
   Leak at Serial Number Plate June 4  
   Lock Stud Retainers May 3  
   Replacing Fluid - Hydro-Lectric System April 4  
   Side Cowl Vent Lock - Trucks Nov. - Dec. 8  
   Truck Door Cab Handle                                                       (Page Missing) March 2  
   Truck Door Lock Remote Control July 3  
   Windshield Wiper Control Rod                                          (Page Missing) March 3  
   Windshield Wiper Motor mounting Brace Bracket July 4  
SECTION II - Frame and Shock Absorbers      
   No Articles Published      
SECTION III - Front Suspension      
   Front Springs - 1/2 Ton Trucks February 5  
   Kingpin Thrust Bearings February 5  
   Steering Knuckle Thrust Washer Aug. - Sept. 10  
SECTION IV-Rear Axle, Universal Joint, Rear Springs      
   Propeller Shaft Bearing Support February 5  
   Rear Spring Shackle Pins                                                     (Page Missing) March 2  
   Splined Axle Shaft February 5  
   Squeak at Front End of Rear Spring                                   (Page Missing) Nov. - Dec. 7  
   Two-Speed Axle Reduction Gear Attaching Holes July 4  
SECTION V - Brakes      
   Bonded Brake Facings February 7  
   Brake Petal Toe-Board Clearance - Trucks                        (Page Missing) March 2  
   Delco Brake Lube                                                                  (Page Missing) October 4  
   Foot Operated Parking Brake February 7  
   Foot Operated Parking Brake - Adjust April 4  
   Hand Brake Cable to Tire Clearance - Correction July 4  
   Hydrovac Service Hints June 1  
   Parking Brake Cables February 7  
SECTION VI - Engine      
   Cylinder Block Assembly April 4  
   General Information February 7  
   Precision Inlet and Exhaust Valve Guides April 4  
   Precision Main Bearings - Replace Passenger                 (Page Missing) March 1  
   Precision Main Bearings - Replace Truck April 1  
   Pressure Radiator Cap                                                          (Page Missing) October 3  
   Valve Timing April 3  
   Water Pump Leakage July 1  
SECTION VII - Transmission      
   Four-Speed Shifter head and Yoke                                     (Page Missing) October 4  
   Four-Speed Truck Transmission February 11  
   First and Reverse Sliding Gear (4-Speed Syncro-Mesh Transmission October 2  
   Three Speed Truck Transmission February 8  
   Transmission Guide Pins - Correction Aug. - Sept. 12  
SECTION VIII - Fuel and Exhaust      
   No Articles Published      
SECTION IX - Steering Gear      
   Horn Connector Contact January 4  
   Steering Connecting Rod - Adjust April 2  
SECTION X - Wheels and Tires      
   Tire Conservation January 2  
   Tire Static Aug. - Sept. 11  
   Tires - 1948 Passenger Car Aug. - Sept. 11  
SECTION XI - Chassis Sheet Metal      
   Truck Hood Alignment May 1  
SECTION XII - Electrical      
   Current and Voltage Regulator Nov. - Dec. 1  
   Discharged Batteries - Passenger and Truck May 3  
   Gas Gauge Units January 3  
   Polarity Reversing Switch                                                    (Page Missing) October 1  
SECTION XIII - General Information      
   Color Specifications - 1948 February 24  
   Dubl-Duti Forward Control Truck Aug. - Sept. 1 - 10  
   Forward Control Parts Identification                                  (Page Missing) October 4  
   Heater Temperature Control May 4  
   New Car Conditioning Precaution July 3  
   Noisy Speedometers                                                             (Page Missing) March 4  
   Passenger Car Features - 1948 February 1  
   Prestone Antifreeze                                                               (Page Missing) October 3  
   Truck Features - 1948 February 5  

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