1951 Rochester Carburetors Operation and Maintenance Manual



  Page     Page
Cover 1   Model B Rochester Carburetor 29
Title Page 3      Disassembly Procedure 30a
Foreword 4      Cleaning , Inspection and Repairs 31a
         Assembly 32a
Basic Principals of Carburetion 5      Throttle Return Check 33
   Purpose of the Carburetor 5      Adjustments 34
   Engine Requirements Carburetor Must Meet 6      
   Cold Weather Operation 7   Model BB Rochester Carburetor 35
   Hot Weather Operation 8      Disassembly Procedure 42
   Acceleration 8      Cleaning , Inspection and Repair 44
   Automatic Spark Advance 9      Assembly and Adjustment 45
   How These Engine Requirements are Met 9      Model BB Carburetor Adjustments 50
Rochester Carburetors 15   Model AA Rochester Carburetor 53
   Performance Features 15      Operation Systems 54
   Service Features 16      Disassembly of Carburetor 57
   Photos of Rochester Products Division 17      Assembly of AA Carburetor 59
         Model AA Carburetor Adjustments 64
Model BC Rochester Carburetor 19      
   Operation Systems 20   Miscellaneous 67
   Disassembly Procedure 23      
   Assembly Procedure 25      
   Model BC Adjustments 28  

Manual Added: 23 August 2007







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