Section 2  - Frame

The side members are of extremely rigid rec­tangular cross section, to which are attached the hangers and cross members. This provides a simple, sturdy, and rigid construction, making the replacement of frame parts a comparatively easy job.
At the mounting points for the shock absorbers and bumpers, reinforcements are used in the side members to provide additional strength.
The front cross member is a large, rugged box section construction rigidly bolted to the frame side members. The cross member is reinforced by brackets riveted to the cross member and bolted to the side members. The use of bolts in place of rivets facilitates overhaul as the complete front end assembly may be removed from the frame as a unit.
A pair of exceptionally sturdy box section braces are added to the frame, one at each side. These braces extend diagonally forward from the second cross member to the frame side members. They are instrumental in stiffening up the entire front end and also maintaining the longitudinal position of the side members relative to each other.
The Cabriolet body is a rather flexible structure as compared to a closed body and for this reason
the Cabriolet frame must be more rigidly con­structed. The side members of this frame are basically the same as used on the closed body models, but a simplified "VK" structure of I-beam section replaces the various cross members used on the regular passenger car frame. Each one of the four diagonal members of the "VK" section carry a body mounting bracket in addition to those located on the side members. The "VK" assembly is welded top and bottom, as well as riveted, to the frame side members at all six points of contact.
The 1/2 ton truck frame is a five cross member frame with a flat kick-up over the rear axle. At the rear of the kick-up the side members continue at the same level as the portion ahead of the kick-up. This provides a very satisfactory surface upon which to mount bodies. The cross members are very rigid being of a flanged "U" and box section construction.
The engine rear support is a flanged inverted "U" member. This member is secured to the side members by means of a construction known as "alligator jaw" attachment.
The second cross member is of box member construction for its entire width. Bolt attachment
Fig. 31/2-Ton Truck Frame





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