Section 2  - Frame

to the side members provides easy removal for the servicing of the transmission.
The third cross member, also a flanged inverted "U" section, supports the hand brake cable pulleys and the pulley bracket forms a box section with the cross member.
A single rear cross member is used. This mem­ber is formed upward at the center for spare wheel mounting.
able for truck service. Since the front end is similar to the 1/2-ton design, the rugged front cross member and engine rear support member of that frame are utilized in this unit. In addition to supporting the rear of the power plant, the rear support also func­tions as a cross member.
The second cross member of box-section con­struction is identical to the1/2-ton member, includ­ing the holes at the center section for attaching the universal joint support bracket. The plate of this support doubly ties together the flanges of the cross member in a reinforced box section, greatly increas­ing its strength over the entire center section. The side members and rear universal joint support are bolted to this cross member so that the transmis­sion can be removed for servicing without disturb­ing the rear axle.
The third cross member is similar in design to the corresponding member in the 1/2 ton frame. It is of the inverted flange "U" type with alligator jaw attachment to the side members.
The rear cross member is identical to the one on the l-1/2-ton frame. It is a strong panel rigidly riveted at each end to the flanges of the side mem­bers. This member is located at the rear bracket of the rear spring, and in addition to being riveted to the lower flanges of the side members, it is rein­forced at each end by a gusset that joins the upper flange of the member and side member in a sturdy connection. The gusset is the same part as used on the 1-1/2-ton truck.
The 3/4 and 3/4-ton special truck frame incor­porates in its design many of the construction fea­tures of the 1/2 and l-1/2-ton truck frames.
The frame tapers from the front end to the second cross member, beyond which it forms a straight section. This arrangement supplies an excellent mounting for the bodies, as the straight section extends under the entire length of the load platform.
The side members are formed in a deep channel section from thick sheets of steel. The top flange is uniform in width over its entire length, but the lower flange is wider for a short distance at the front and rear to provide greater strength for the attachment of the cross members. Each side mem­ber is reinforced at the rear hanger of the front spring by a special channel. There is a small kick-up over the rear axle for clearance.
Cross members are of the flanged "U" and box-section construction—the type of design most suit-
Fig. 4—14, 34 Special and 3/4-Ton Long Wheelbase Panel Frame





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