Section 4  - Rear Axle, Universal Joints & Springs

Remove the brake drum from the axle shaft flange. Install wheel cylinder clamp on the brake wheel cylinder. Drain the lubricant from the differ­ential and remove the housing cover.
Remove the differential pinion shaft lock screw, the differential pinion shaft and the axle shaft spacer, Fig. 3.
Push the axle shafts in toward the center of the axle and remove the "C" washers from the inner ends of the axle shafts.
through the flange which permits excess oil from the axle to drain out of the oil deflector, and keeps it out of the brake drum and brakes. The brake drums and gaskets have an extra hole, the center one of the three that are closest together should be lined up with the notch in the hub flange of the axle shaft. There is an oil pocket in the oil deflector which should also be in line with the notch in the hub.
When the axle shaft flange, the gasket, and the oil deflector are in line as mentioned above, insert the six special bolts and force the heads down to the deflector. The end of the shoulder on the bolts should then be peened into the countersink around the bolt holes in the flange, using the peening tool and anvil shown in Fig. 4, thus riveting these parts securely together. It is good practice to turn the peening tool after each blow of the hammer to pre­vent damage to the tool.
CAUTION—This peening operation is very im­portant from a safety standpoint.
It will be noticed that the axle shafts are of dif­ferent lengths, the longer one being used on the right-hand side.
Fig 4 — Use of Peening Tool and Anvil
After this has been done the axle shafts can be removed from the axle housing.
The wheel hub bolts are special serrated bolts pressed into the holes in the axle shaft flange, thus holding the bolts rigidly in place. These bolts are also used to hold the oil deflector and the gasket to the axle shaft flange.
When installing a new axle shaft, it is necessary to install new bolts, a new oil deflector, and a new gasket Upon installing new hub bolts, the gasket between the deflector and the flange must be cov­ered with a heavy shellac or paint on both sides to prevent oil leaks. The axle shafts have a hole
Fig. 5—Checking Clearance Between Axle Shaft and Spacer
Before replacing the axle shafts, examine the leather oil seal on the inside of the axle housing to be sure that it is not worn, damaged or out of place. Slide the axle shaft into place, being careful that the splines on the end of the shaft do not cut





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