Section 6 - Engine

Fig. 39-Checking Oil Nozzle Height
the gauge over the pan rail, with the side of the gauge marked "FRONT" toward the front of the oil pan. With the gauge resting flat on the pan, move it from one oil trough to the other, making sure that the open end of each nozzle is below the gauge.
Check the oil trough height with the oil trough depth gauge, J-969-2 or J-1646, by placing the bar of the gauge on the pan rail. The stem of the gauge should just touch the top edge of each of the six oil troughs. Fig. 40.
To check the aiming of the oil nozzles, install the oil pan target gauge, J-969-1, on the oil pan by locating the dowels of the gauge in the screw holes in the oil pan. Insert the water nozzle, J-793-3, in the main oil pipe. Tip the oil pan about 45 degrees to prevent the water from covering the ends of the nozzles. Open the water nozzle just enough to straighten the water
Fig. 41-Checking Aim of Oil Nozzles
adjusting and checking the oil nozzles until each water stream passes through the center of its target hole.
Fig. 42-Adjusting Aim of Oil Nozzles
4. Re-check the oil nozzle height with the oil nozzle depth gauge, J-969-3. This is important because the oil nozzle height may be upset dur­ing the aiming adjustment.
The oil distributor valve assembly is mounted in the side of the cylinder block, Fig. 43. When as­sembling the oil distributor valve assembly a cork
Fig. 40—Checking Oil Trough Depth
streams at the ends of the nozzles. If the oil nozzles are properly adjusted, the water streams will pass through the centers of the target holes. Correct and incorrect aiming of the water noz­zles is shown in Fig. 41.
The oil nozzles may be adjusted by using the oil nozzle wrench, J-793-2, Fig. 42. Continue





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