Section 7 - Transmission

the two guide pins during this operation will support the transmission and prevent damage to the clutch disc through springing.
14. Remove the transmission through the open­ing in the body floor.
Replacement of the transmission is just the reverse of the foregoing operations.
Due to a difference in design between the Cabri­olet frame and that of other passenger car models, the operation of removal and replacement of the transmission varies slightly. The following in­structions cover the removal of the Cabriolet transmission:
1.   Remove the floor mat and the cover over the transmission from the body floor.
2.   Working from underneath the car, remove the two bolts that fasten the two halves of the reactionary lever metal boot together, then remove the outer half of the boot.
3.   Remove the cotter pin from the transmission end of the selector rod and disconnect the rod from the selector lever. Remove the cotter pin, washer and anti-rattle spring from the trans­mission end of the gearshift control rod and disconnect the rod.
4.   Disconnect the vacuum cylinder piston rod and valve link from the reactionary levers.
NOTE—Replace the clevis pin through the piston rod yoke and valve link to prevent upsetting the vacuum valve adjustment.
5.   Remove the vacuum cylinder from its mount­ing bracket. Then follow instructions for regu­lar passenger car transmission removal con­tained in Paragraphs 6 through 12, then:
6.   Slide the transmission back until the clutch gear shaft is just free of the splines in the clutch disc, then raise the back end of the transmission enough to remove the transmission rear mount­ing. When the mounting is free of the trans­mission, shift it forward and remove through the opening in the frame.
7.   Move the transmission back and rotate it to the left as necessary to provide clearance in bringing it up through the floor board opening.
Replacement of the Cabriolet transmission is just the reverse of the foregoing operations.
1. Mount the transmission in the transmission holding fixture J-934, Fig. 2.
Fig. 2—Transmission in Holding Fixture
2.    Remove the four capscrews which fasten the shifter cover to the left side of the transmis­sion. Remove the cover and shifter assembly.
3.    Place the transmission in two gears at once to lock the mainshaft, and remove the uni­versal joint front yoke retaining capscrew and lockwasher. Slide the yoke and spacer off the
CAUTION—Care should be used when shift­ing the gears into second or third to pre­vent damage to the wedge angles.
Kg. 3 —Removing Clutch Gear and Scaring
4. Remove the four clutch gear bearing retainer screws and shakeproof lockwashers. Remove the retainer. Note that the screw-holes in the





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